Kenneth Stamper

Web Design & Development

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Kenneth Stamper is 28 Years old and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Kenneth began studying web design and development in September 2012. He studied at Full Sail University and was able to maintain a 3.98 GPA while working at Amazon Fulfillment with very demanding hours. He received the salutatorian award upon graduation for earning the second highest grade point average in his class.

At this point in time, Kenneth is employed with Amazon Fulfillment. He is currently pressing to further develop his skills while he seeks employment that is more in line with his field of study. He prefers development over design, and is seeking a position that will encourage and allow him to grow as a developer.

For fun, Kenneth likes to play guitar and sing. He enjoys spending time outside doing things like hiking. Also, he enjoys spending time with his wife, playing video games and reading API docs to learn about new development tools.



  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • jQuery

Basic Knowledge

  • AngularJS

  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • Git